INSCOMI provide you with the end to end solution support on cloud platform to suit every needs of your business.

  • Cloud Assessment
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Managed Services
  • Optimization Services

If you are wondering how you can utilize the benefits of cloud computing, we are here to assist you. We have solutions for small, medium and enterprise customers enabling them to move on with their cloud journey.

We help our customers with creation of blueprints for their cloud journey, assess their readiness, help them with the design of workloads and workload migration strategies etc.,

We help you with the architecture support, migrate your legacy workloads and manage them end to end.

We help you with the right decisions on private, public and hybrid cloud options for your application infrastructure.

INSCOMI is a leading partner of many CSP’s including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google etc., We can help you with the right CSP selection based on your geography, workload needs and application architecture and infrastructure.

Our service portfolio includes

Approach to Cloud - Current state assessment, future state cloud strategy definition, cloud adoption roadmap

Migration support - We provide you with the design and deployment of your enterprise application's onto the cloud. our migration methodology will help you to transform with ease.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - planning, building and managing infrastructure for cloud through dedicated data center, virtual data center , private cloud and public cloud

Applications on Cloud - Hosting, re-hosting, re-engineering and application integration on cloud. Build SCCM / test environment and Dev-ops environment on Cloud.

Software on Cloud (SaaS) - Cloud enablement (setup, customization, integration & testing) of process-led functional solutions customized by industry - CRM, HCM, SCM, ERP etc.,

Management of Cloud - Monitoring & Management, Automation & Metering of Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud environments, optimization services, capacity management and on demand deployment of compute environment on cloud.

Cloud Hosting Partners
Cloud Assessment

INSCOMI experts can help you in assessing your readiness to cloud adoption. We can logically perform checklist driven activities to ensure you are on the readiness track towards cloud adoption. We can help in identifying and fixing any gaps in the cloud roadmap / journey.

Not just workload definitions, assessments and architecture study, we can assess the right model required and the selection of CSP based on your needs. The workload assessments including infrastructure needs based on your current and future state needs, peak load definitions, application response requirements and customer satisfaction index of your applications would be assessed end to end.

Cloud Design and Migration

Our architects can help you with the right design for IaaS, Paas or any type of cloud computing model required for your business. Complete architecture and workload configuration would be derived, designed and submitted to you.

Any solution requirements on Compute, network, storage, CDN, backup, load balancing, database replication, virtual desktops etc., would be designed and architected and validated by the cloud service partners.

We perform professional services to migrate workloads to cloud. We perform progressive migration to big bang approach depending upon the intensity of the business application requirements and cost/time factors.

Cloud Hosting

INSCOMI has partnership with leading service providers in the cloud space and can help you adopt the right cloud options considering your requirements and cost. You can leverage us to reach the service provider’s support to define the hosting strategy, billing discounts on dedicated nodes, private cloud space or multiple work loads, data migration etc.,

Managed Services Support

INSCOMI provides end to end managed services support for your cloud workloads. Right from monitoring, event management to L2/L3 support would be provided 24/7/365 to handle your business availability.

Our services are tailor made and you can choose the best option to meet your needs. Our services broadly can be under the below categories

  • Dedicated support
  • Shared support
  • Hybrid support
  • Outcome based support
Our Models to help you decide on the cloud Services
Dedicated Data center services

This option can help with dedicated private cloud, hosted and managed by Inscomi , Dedicated and customized environment for your requirements. This can help customers to have enterprise class environment with dedicated support and security requirements for the applications and infrastructure.

Virtual Data center services
  • Enterprise grade cloud
  • Hosted and managed by Inscomi
  • A cloud environment with multi-tiered infrastructure profiles for customers to host their critical applications
  • Customers will leveraging the cost and efficiency benefits of a multi-tenant Cloud environment