INSCOMI provides CRM solutions for the Telemarketing agencies exclusively as well as for the rest of the business verticals. Our CRM Solutions helps you to manage the customers, their interactions and critical action updates against each interaction.

Highlights of Our CRM Concept

INSCOMI accelerates sales by helping you spot opportunities to delight prospects, and enabling you to act faster at every step of the customer journey from lead to purchase – digitally

  • Helps in Pipeline management
  • Deal Nurturing – End to End tracking of efforts in maturing a deal captured
  • Collaboration support – Multi channel collaboration tool integration
  • Task Automation – automate your tasks effortlessly
  • Lead history tracking – easy tracking of history information
  • Data capture – all tasks and efforts including the timelines
  • Appoint scheduler – Helps you to manage your appointments and time
  • Deal / task manager – Assign and track tasks and deals for efficient tracking

Customer Service Management


Make it or break it. This is very critical for the business growth. We know it all and we had bundled a comprehensive customer services management solution which can be stand alone or can be integrated with your CRM or any of the Smart ERP solution.

Right from managing the services offering, services marketing to proposal management we cover the entire presale activities of your customer service engagement.

Our system has user friendly, web based issue management system to track all requests/issues from your customer . The intelligent workflow module inbuilt with the customer service system can help you to allocate the issues/requests to services personnel, escalate the tickets, resolve the tickets and update all stakeholders of the progress made.

SLA Timer, calendar scheduler, escalation notifications, critical milestone notification all built in. Stop the clock for any exceptions are handled within the system.