Digital learning

E-learning is fast growing and is a must for every business organization to skill and up skill their workforce. Gone are the days where you have class room based training and development programs. In this digital age, with the constraints of time to organize a classroom training for the employees, E-learning is the only solution.


We have produced all types of modules, from serious games to rapid learning. Today, we recommend an approach based on clips supplemented by anchoring exercises and validation quizzes. We have chosen to structure our e-learning modules from a mix between the use of clips for the learning phases where we expose the concepts, theory, good practices, and pedagogical anchoring exercises. , evaluation with remediation. We don't forget the face-to-face course!

The clips are detachable from the modules to animate your face-to-face. The strength of this approach is that the clip is a detachable element from the module. It will therefore be possible to extract it from e-learning modules to reuse it for example in classroom training, to feed a website, to feed a wiki, a chain, an e-community. You don't have a platform? We can set up your WordPress or any other platform.