If you are any business service provider or any services provider, we have a solution for you as well. Tracking your key processes in handling service requests and digitizing them for you is the key feature of this ERP solution.

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ERP For Business House

Alerts / notifications can be configured for each service stage to improve efficiency and keep everyone informed on the service status.

Escalation management and emergency response can be configured to handle your customers effectively. SLA configuration, TAT and SLA timer reset can be configured within the system to help you track the service requests effectively. You can categorize each service requests and service processes (for any type of service industry) and assign tasks and activities accordingly. You can create incident management and response process within the system as well.

All requests can be queued for manual pickup or auto assignment based onyur business needs. You can effectively integrate with your IP telephony system for any voice based service support as well. You can view the services statuses online and realtime to ensure your individual service requests are handled effectively.