Hospital management system is critical in handling the patients effectively and retaining them for good in this very fast developing healthcare industry.

erp for hospitals in chennai

ERP For Hospitals

Our Hospital management system can help you in organizing you’re out patient management and inpatient management related activities effectively. Your patients can schedule appointments with visiting doctors or permanent doctors online and can come on time to avoid any waiting period.

The doctors can track the patient’s history without going through much in detail while interacting with the patients. Medicinal history and dosage of medicines provided can be viewed online for better handling of patients when they are home. Inpatient management including registration, bed allocation, casualty treatment etc., can be handled centrally.

Most of the nightmares happen in handling the support functions in any hospital. Be it housekeeping activity management, store management or resource allocation we can do it all with ease with our system. Lab and pharmacy modules can help you to track patient wise history of consumption and loyalty. You can integrate logistics to the pharmacy module to provide any door delivery services you may wish to provide to your customers. Billing and invoicing, custom to each customer can be configured and you can view your billing status real-time. Discounts and credit advances can be configured real time for each customer during their interaction with you. Visiting doctor fee calculation and payouts can be tracked by the management as well as by the visiting doctors to ensure transparency.

Purchase module can help your team to procure any items with proper requisition and approvals. Workflow based module can help approval process for each procurement request. Credit payouts and vendor dependant configurations can be made for each item. List of all items and medicines can be tracked and reported separately for management view. General administration of the hospital including workforce allocation for admin tasks, housekeeping, electrical maintenance, IT and even plumbing activities can be digitized for better control.