Trading houses need to quickly respond to the requirements of the market to stay afloat with the competitive landscape. Customer relationship alone does not help in sustaining the customer orders. Everyone now realize the importance of digital operations to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

erp for trading in chennai

ERP For Trading

Our Solution tailor made for trading houses can help track each sales order till execution and beyond. The CRM, which is the backbone for the trading organization, is built to suit your specific requirements. Each transactions are tagged to the CRM for better understanding of the patterns. Billing and invoices , credit and advances can be configured for each customer uniquely to handle your business process.

Smart solution for trading organizations can help you predict the reveue, margin and the quantity of stock to be maintained for efficient handling of trading. You can also configure the system to predict you when you need to invest in any product when their prices are falling in market. This can help you to manage funds and margins accordingly.