Human Resource Management System

We cover all aspects of HRM in our ERP module. You can pick and choose the modules required for your organization based on what you need the most.

human resource management system in chennai

Human Resource Management System

From resource requirement request management to recruitment process, we handle all nuances of managing resumes, scheduling interviews, selecting the interview panels, notifications and tracking the process of recruitment end to end.

Offer management, Employee addition can be handled with ease. Integration with other function to create resources for the new joiner can be handled from our module.

Managing attendance / leave and activity/task management can be handled within our HRM system. Employee touch point activities / grievance management, 360 degree assessment etc., can be handled from this module.

Payroll management, linkage to accounting system, advance and incentive management can also be handled from INSCOMI’s HRM. Performance management module can be configured which can be linked to your metric management system, automatic calculation of performance of individuals and functions enabling easier processing of performance linked incentives. Monthly / quarterly and annual targets can be set for metrics and employees can update the system on their performance. Automatic metric alignment of critical metrics captured by system can be automatically entered against the employee / function. Performance targets and automatic calculation of scorecard can be enabled for each employee / department. Our HRM can automatically populate the bell curve and determine the 10/20/60/10 performers. If needed, the automatic incentive calculator can determine the incentives of individuals based on the overall incentive budget allocated and the bell curve/performance scorecard.