IT Infrastructure Services Chennai

We are committed to delivering cost effective quality services backed by proven and secure technology with experienced and highly motivated experts. We understand the criticality and dependency on what we deliver to our customers and work as an integral part of customer's organization. We tailor our customer offerings to uniquely meet their specific business needs.


Remote Infrastructure management

INSCOMI provides end to end IT Infrastructure support services to its customers. These include the basic support services to outcome based managed services across the IT Infrastructure stack. We also help customers with professional services around the IT infrastructure as well as transformation support.

Inscomi’s Remote Infrastructure Services consists of a set of robust and clearly defined processes and services that are easy and safe to implement and ensure predictable and superior business results. It is a highly flexible, cost efficient family of professional and managed services which provide improved efficiencies and workflow Our RIM framework is composed of several distinct building blocks that are unique to the industry. With RIM, customers can realize cost savings of 20-40%, and experience SLA-based services, high levels of automation, process maturity, selective sourcing, and a comprehensive set of metrics that help deliver predictable and consistent results.

The flexibility and granular level of service delivery provide important business advantages, including:

  • End-to-end problem and incident management
  • Better performance reporting
  • Robust, rigorous change management
  • Continuous improvement

Inscomi’s RIM services can be grouped into 3 broad towers: Enterprise Computing and Storage Services, Network and Convergence Services, and Workplace Services. Below are the typical services offered by Inscomi in each of the above towers:

Enterprise Computing and Storage Services:

Server Infrastructure Management Service
  • Designing/Architecting Unix/Windows/iSeries Infrastructure
  • Manage Server Share
  • Network Management
  • File System Management
  • License Administration
  • Tape Management
  • Printer Management
  • Workload Management
  • Virtualization Management
Database Management Service
  • Database Design & Builds
  • Database Patch Management
  • Database Space Management
  • Database Configuration Management
  • High availability & DR design, implementation & support
  • Database replication design, implementation & support
Storage & Backup Management Service
  • Storage Provisioning
  • Storage Array installation and Configuration
  • Microcode upgrades in SAN Switches
  • SAN Creation and Management
  • Perform Zone Configurations
  • Storage Replication
  • Documentation and Procedure Management
Mainframe Infrastructure Management
  • Batch Operations
  • Storage Management
  • Transaction Server and Middleware Management
  • Database Management
Middleware Management Service
  • Webserver installation and Configuration
  • High Availability and Cluster Management
  • Log Management
Managed Active Directory Service
  • Deploy New AD Forest and AD domains
  • Install and Manage Domain controllers
  • Manage DNS and DHCP
  • Manage AD Database
  • Manage Group Policy
  • Set and Modify Replications
  • Design and Architecting the Active Directory and Sites

Network and Convergence Services:

Network Assessment Services
  • Discovery and evaluation of all existing network components
  • Evaluation of the current network design
  • Investigation into the current operating state and health characteristics of critical network devices
  • Documented roadmap to implement recommended changes
LAN WAN Services
  • Design of network topology, routing mechanisms, and protocols
  • IP address schema design and implementation
  • Configuration and Implementation of LAN, WAN networks, tools and devices
    • Configuring routers and switches with hardening features
    • Configuring routing protocols
    • LAN, WAN route optimization
    • QOS, ACL and Access rights configuration
    • Addition/deletion of new network elements/circuits
  • Advanced routing protocols configurations (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP etc.)
  • Access/Distribution list and policy based routing
  • Multilayer switching (Inter VLAN routing)
  • MPLS/MPLS VPN configuration and management
  • Policing, shaping, and congestion management
  • Monitoring, notification, logging and troubleshooting of LAN, WAN devices (Port Errors, Duplex, VLAN, Link status etc)
  • Performance and Capacity Monitoring of LAN, WAN, WLAN devices and links
  • Service Level Management and Trend Analysis
WAN Optimization Services
  • Planning, design, configuration of WAN optimizers
  • Configuration, image upgrades, additions/deletions and congestion management of WAN optimization devices
  • Advanced WAN optimization and design assistance
  • Standardization configuration templates
  • Create validation tests and device upgrades
  • Protocol optimization and fine tuning the configurations
  • Policies creation and execution
  • Fault and performance management of WAN Optimizers
  • Incident, Problem and Change request management of WAN optimizer services
  • Trend analysis and Service Level management
IPv6 Services
  • High-level review of the network architecture including WAN, internet, and external facing services that need IPv6 support
  • Review IPv6 capabilities of the ISP, multi-Home,high availability and extranet architecture
  • Review QoS and multicast requirements
  • Network discovery and IPv6 compatibility assessment of devices and running code
  • Assessment to determine feature functionality and IPv6 readiness, IP address schema, security design, network services, Protocols, and application readiness to support IPv6
  • Review of device code levels to vendor specifications and recommendations
  • IPv6 implementation, event logging, performance management, perimeter device hardening and security monitoring
IP Telephony Services
  • Unified Communications design, message dial plan design and planning
  • Configuring dial-peers, Trunks, QOS at communication Manager, Gateways and LAN/WAN devices
  • Code, voice mail access and conference options
  • Hunt group configurations
  • Configuration Management and Access rights management
  • Configuring the IVR menu, Unified Communication Manager and Voice Gateways Configuration
  • Auto attendant configuration & messaging server backups
  • Fault monitoring and performance monitoring of Unified Communication Manager (Up-down status monitoring)
  • Troubleshooting PSTN, inter trunk, endpoints/gateways/gatekeeper registration calls issues
  • SLA monitoring, management and RCA’s
  • Working with OEM/third party vendors for problem resolution and break fix resolutions
  • Troubleshooting voice mail/CTI integration/LDAP synchronization issues
  • Performance analysis and management
Following are the key benefits customers can look forward to by leveraging our RIM services:
  • End-to-end services across the IT life cycle that cover the entire spectrum of the IT infrastructure
  • Optimization of the TCO around IT and ensuring the business value of the customer’s current IT investments
  • Free up Management bandwidth to concentrate on core business
  • A choice of multiple engagement and pricing models to suit budget and changing business needs
  • Transparent IT operations aligned to ITIL v3 service delivery processes
  • Alignment to best practices in infrastructure (ITIL, ISO 20000, Six Sigma)
  • Benchmarked risk management methodologies and governance