Logistics and Shipping System

When it comes to effective customer management, we need to manage the goods and services delivered end to end. Logistics and shipping can make or break the relationship with customer as it involves variety of resources with various mindset who may not be aligned to your customer experience policies.

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Logistics Shipping Management System

INSCOMI’s logistics management solution can be a standalone system or can be integrated with your ERP. It can also communicate with any API based external logistics management system of your partner/vendor.

You can map the inward and outward material movement , allocate appropriate resources, allocate vehicles etc.,

A complete logistics management solution, we have management of vehicles, their maintenance schedules, driver and resource mapping and even their wages. The Vehicles can be GPS enabled to enable automatic updates of the shipment from time to time, end to end. The logistics team can monitor the progress of each shipment and update customers accordingly. You can integrate with SMS gateway / email system for periodic updates to your customers.

International shipments and cargo module can help you to plan and execute shipments overseas. Periodic updates on the progress of shipment can be made as per the updates of the carrier online.