Our   Methodology

Inscomi signifies the Five point approach of Six Sigma practice ( DMAIC ). we have our five pillars of delivery methodology which is industry leading and provide you the best and assured services 24/7/365. Our natural instinct towards process and data driven approach can help you to meet your business demands with ease.

We enable you with simplifying the IT operations, provide proactive and futuristic solutions and ensure predictive operations of your IT environment. These are the fundamentals of our service delivery framework

The Five pillars of our service delivery methodology
DMAIC based operations support

We practice Six sigma for our bread and butter. we ensure all our transactions within the organization adn outside our organization is aligned to DMAIC principles. you can experience yourself during your engagement with us right from pre-sale to steady state operations.

ITIL based Process compliance

Our capabilities in managing predictive operations comes from our strong ITIL back ground. We are aligned to ITIL V3 processes and methodologies and we reflect them on our tools/platforms and services right from Incident management till Financial management.

Automation based proactive support

Be it small scripts for your small environment or an enterprise system management tool, we ensure automation is embedded to our service delivery. This will reduce the manual efforts and negligence, improve uptime and be predictive to our business needs. We provide hosted tooling platform which can enable enterprises to be monitored 24/7 and managed effectively.


Most outsourcing deals collapse due to lack of governance model and proper review mechanism of the deliverable's. Our 3 tier governance model will ensure touch points with your organization at regular intervals. Governance calls , reporting and stakeholder meetings are mandated as part of our service delivery checklist .we ensure transparent and timely communication/reporting of our deliverable's to all stakeholders.


After continual service improvements made during any steady state operations, we will ensure we recommend transformation projects for your enterprise considering the IT landscape, technology advancements and your business plans. we consider this as part of our natural engagement with you as a partner. We will help your organization to build a transformation journey, create transformation project office and deliver the projects.

Apart from the above, we have strong sense on our people management, training and knowledge management. we ensure proper shift management, effective communication and proactive approach in managing our services delivery.

Our metrics culture will ensure that we deliver beyond the service levels and keep improving. Our continual service improvement methodology is inbuilt in our service delivery to ensure we improve every time, everyday during the engagement.

Our CSAT process, customer service training to all associates can establish our focus on customer experience management. we share the outcome of our actions to your satisfaction scores and ensure we improve along the engagement.