Metrics Management Modules

Every organization has to manage and control metrics to ensure success and customer retention. Our core metrics management module covers this for you.

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Metrics Management Modules

The MMM contains metrics definitions across each function / organization and tracking each metrics. The metrics can be tracked at each individual level in the organization and can be grouped to each function / department. Sales / accounts, HR, production etc., can create their own key metrics and adhoc metrics and track them.

Notifications / alerts can be configured for each metric on non compliance etc., The metrics can be defined with target value(adhoc and permanent) and the metric compliance can be reported to key stakeholders. All functional heads can approve reject metric data entry based on validation criteria.

CEO / senior management can create and assign organization goals and metrics using this system which can be adhoc in nature or to meet any specific needs at that point in time. The dashboard view of this module can let you know the health of your organization.