Production Planning and Control

INSCOMI’s PPM module can help you to plan your production processes with ease. Manual discrepancies and schedule errors are eliminated with well though through solution. Be it any production / manufacturing organization or trading / product manufacturing or project management organization, our PMM can help you to save time & cost and create efficiencies. If you are in need of a solution for better production planning and to avoid leakage, you can bank on our solution.

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Production Planning and Control

Key features include production planning linked with the sales CRM / sales funneling. The modules talk to each other modules enabling all the functions / departments are aligned / informed of the plans. The production teams / procurement teams / inventory teams are made to be aware of all critical plan, as appropriate with user controls, to ensure smooth handover of processes across departments.

Planning the schedules, release the schedules to production, manage machine and equipment maintenance schedules, capacity planning of all resources on the shop floor, you name it we have it all.