Production Management System

The Core of the ERP solution, being the production management system is well defined to suit each production house. Our solution can be customized to each of the production houses. We have built a core engine and core workflow management system which can be customized to suit your specific business usage.

production management system in chennai

Production Management System

Accepting the plans from PPM, scheduling the resources to capacity, machine loading and management, production and re-production schedules etc., can be handled with ease. Shift wise production capacity versus actual produced can be viewed real-time by supervisors. Coarse correction can be made real time with the data available to the supervisors.

Drawing loading, integration with API based machines are possible with our system. We can integrate with your API based machines to ensure real time data uploads and avoiding any manual errors. Key metrics tracking and notifications can be configured so that you don’t miss out on any commitments made to your customers.

Capacity definition and maintenance description, breakdown and shutdown management of all resources can be handled in our system. Backed with experience and expertise, we can provide the right solution to your production management.