Project Management System

Any organization performing customer facing project management or internal project management can be handled by our intelligent system. Creation of projects and allocating tasks / dependencies mapping associated with targets can be done within seconds.

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Project Management System

Project manager can assign / re-assign or delegate adhoc tasks to any member in the group. All associates can enter their timesheets and progress of their tasks independently. Automatic calculation of schedule adherence and cost / effort mapping and tracking are key features of our solution. Employee attendance and leave management system can be integrated to automatically lookup the availability of resources and delays in project schedule.

Break down of sub projects / inclusion of partners and vendors / third party dependencies can be mapped to the system for effective project management end to end. You can provide privileges to external members to accomplish tasks and update the system. The overall project progress can be tracked with minute detailing and accuracy can avoid any ambiguity and manual arbitration.

What more, you can view the project schedule and adherence real time in graphical form and can be used for your QBR / project meetings. The Smart ERP can predict automatically, your schedule adherence and project margin of the project based on the project progress patterns. You can select key metrics of the project and allow the system to predict you the progress of the project.