Quality Control Management System

The QC module is coupled well with the production management module helping the floor supervisors to control the production commitments and ensure quality output to the end customers. Defining defects to managing re-production the entire PPC processes are handled in our QC modules. Target based QC monitoring, compliance etc. are included in our approach. If you follow any quality / test standards, those processes can be customized to ensure you are aligned with your quality goals.

quality control management system in chennai

Quality Control Management System

Notifications to all key stakeholders, the quality processes can be established and commutated to all through this module.

The key features include Approval / rejection criteria selection, approval and rejection/rework submissions, notifications to production teams on status of each QC item, complying to customer requirements with custom QC define modules, corrective action planning, defect RCA and RCCA processes can he handled with this module.