Most of the business users today face an uphill task everyday in terms of decision making related to critical business situational needs. The various disparate systems in the business organization like the CRM, HRMS, Inventory, supply chain, accounting, project management, ERP systems etc., provide them the data that is available on that period to view the day to day operational tasks

But, they still need a decision support system to help them take right business decisions on a day to day basis using these data points. Most of the applications of the enterprise just mirror the data points available. They do not provide them with accurate decision support methods or data analysis .

Even the senior managers and CIO/CEO’s find it difficult to take decisions related to accounts payable, receivables, inventory positioning, investment priorities, project priorities etc., due to lack of a decision support system.

Most of the modern day analytical solutions are external to these systems and limit the kind of decision support provided.

Our Smart application is a unique combination of enterprise application with predictive analytics.

Our Smart ERP helps you with data collection, analysis and decision support system together across all your functions.

Built on robust technological platform, with industry leading methodologies and practices, the solution is scalable, simple and relevant.

Our solution comprises of smart predictive applications built around CRM, sales management, customer service management, Trading operations, accounting, inventory and store management

ERP in India,

Asset management, logistics and supply chain management, production and production planning management, purchase management etc.,


SMART PRODUCTS for Enterprise