Visitor Management System

More often we tend to depend on the security resource outside the gate to provide necessary information of all visitors to the premise / factory. More often we land up in a situation of no data / minimal data when there is any security threat to the environment.

visitor management system in chennai

Visitor Management System

An easy to use, user friendly solution is there for you !!! Our VMS system can create entries for all visitors , their laptops and other belongings they may carry to your site and track the movement of people within the premise. Hierarchical workflow to create approvals for people and material movement within the organization can be configured. Any discrepancy in handling the VMS process can be reported automatically to the senior management.

The key features include automatic visitor form customization including photos and videos of the people and their belongings during entry. You can also perform automatic reconciliation of the same during their exit. We can create well defined approval process to allow specific people/ group within the system. Managing rental resources and adhoc work passes for temporary staff etc., can be managed by the system.

The security team at the front desk can manage the vehicles moving in and out as well. You can assign automatic bar code enabled car passes / entry passes for employees and contract workers from this system. If you need any paperless solution, the same can be presented in email / sms form to your visitor. Much more can be customized based on your requirement.